TE-1 PPM Trace Oxygen Sensor B-2C Equivalent


Sensor Technology Micro Fuel Cell
Signal Output1 285 - 590 uA
Measuring Range 0 10 PPM (Min) 0-10000 PPm (Max)
Response Time T90 13 Second
Accuracy Full Scale2 1% of Signal
Repeatability F.S. 0.5%
Temp Coefficient 2.54 % / C
Operating Temp 0 to 50 C
Storage Temp 0 to 45 C
Recommended Flow 0.5 - 2 SCFH
Humidity 0 - 100% RH (Non - Condensing)
Expected Life3 15-21 Months
Storage 6 Months
Warranty4 3 Months only if Manufacture Defect
PCB Connection Center Foil Negative Outer Foil Positive

1. Signal Output is measured in air at 25C Sea Level
2. Accuracy full scale is calculated with constant pressure and temperature & proper calibration (90%O2 Value on full scale range). Drastic Temperature change can result in a maximum error of 10%.
3. Expected life is calculated whenO2<1000ppm@25C Sea Level
4. AGC Chemical will not be held liable for sensors damaged due to customer neglect.